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Residue facsimiles attributed to Sir William Fraser


Residue facsimiles attributed to Sir William Fraser


"A small quantity of facsimiles of documents from Fraser's books. Not boxed. The obvious resting-place for these would be the Scottish History Department in the University, where there is a very substantial bulk of similar material."  Gordon Donaldson, Sir William Fraser: the man and his work (Edinburgh, 1985), p.84

In the course of the digitisation of the Sir William Fraser facsimiles, a considerable quantity of facsimiles came to light which did not belong to the series published by his Trustees in 1903. A number of these were contained in packets marked as containing 'Residue of Lithographs of Letters' belonging to Sir William Fraser's histories of the Wemyss, Annandale, Douglas, Menteith and Haddington families. It seems likely that these packets were relocated to the School of History, Classics and Archaeology by Gordon Donaldson, the then holder of the Sir William Fraser Chair in Scottish History and Paleography, in the 1980s.

In addition, a number of loose, unidentified facsimiles are held by the SHCA, many of which appear by format and subject-matter to bear some relation to the 1903 collection. The provenance of these facsimiles is no longer clear, but they may well have formed a part of Sir William Fraser's original papers. Any further information is most welcome. Please contact the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at .

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